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Grand Slams Merseyside Links
Australian Open
The Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific
Historic Wavertree
Discover Historic Wavertree
French Open
Official Site of Roland Garros
History of Childwall 1
US Open
The US Grand Slam Event
History of Childwall 2
Wimbledon Tennis Championships Official Website
History of Wavertree
Information Britain
British Directory organised by County
Liverpool Pictorial
Liverpool images by Dave Wood
Merseyside Links
Merseyside Directory
Miscellaneous Tennis Books
European Air Traffic
This website shows all current air traffic across Europe
Tennis books for sale at Amazon
Play Pacman
Who needs a playstation or x-box when there's Pacman
Play Space Invaders
One of the very first computer games
Ships on the Mersey
Live view of ships currently on the River Mersey
Tardis Tennis
Play Tennis against John Lennon and William Shakespeare!
Tennis Equipment Tennis Lessons Backhand
Extreme Eyewear
Prescription Sunglasses and Non-Prescription Sports Glasses
Backhand (handling a high one)
Pro Direct Tennis
The Definitive Online Tennis Store
Backhand (one-handed) - Step 1
Tennis Store with shop close to Wimbledon
Backhand (one-handed) - Step 2
Wimbledon Shop
The official Wimbledon online shop
Backhand (one-handed) - Step 3
Backhand (one-handed) - Step 4
Backhand (one-handed) - Step 5
Backhand (Sliced)
Backhand (two-handed)
Tennis Lessons Forehand Tennis Lessons Grips
Forehand - Adding Topspin
Tennis Grip - Eastern Forehand Grip
Forehand - Step 1
Tennis Grip - Fundamentals
Forehand - Step 2
Tennis Grip - The Semi-Western
Forehand - Step 3
Forehand - Step 4
Forehand - Step 5
Forehand - The Windshield Wiper 1
Forehand - The Windshield Wiper 2
Forehand - The Windshield Wiper 3
Forehand Course - Part 1
Forehand Course - Part 2
Forehand Course - Part 3
Forehand Course - Part 4
Forehand Course - Part 5
Tennis Lessons Serving Tennis Lessons Various
Serving - 2nd Serve Racket Speed
Agassi/Bolletieri Tennis Attack - Lesson 1
Serving - Flat vs Kick
Agassi/Bolletieri Tennis Attack - Lesson 2
Serving - Kick Serve Step 1
Agassi/Bolletieri Tennis Attack - Lesson 3
Serving - Kick Serve Step 2
Agassi/Bolletieri Tennis Attack - Lesson 4
Serving - Kick Serve Step 3
Agassi/Bolletieri Tennis Attack - Lesson 5
Serving - Kick Serve Step 4
Agassi/Bolletieri Tennis Attack - Lesson 6
Serving - Pronation
Introduction to Spin
Serving - Step 1
Modern Footwork
Serving - Step 2
Return of Serve
Serving - Step 3
Tennis Lesson from Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic demonstrates the fundamentals of every tennis shot.
Serving - Step 4
The best disguised drop shot ever!!!
Serving - Step 5
The Drop Shot
Serving - Step 6
The Lob
Serving - Step 7
The Overhead Smash
Serving - Step 8
Tennis Lessons Volleying Tennis Organisations
Volleys - Backhand
ATP World Tour
Mens Rankings and Tournament Schedules
Volleys - Forehand
The Lawn Tennis Association
Volleys - Soft Hands for pace
Professional Tennis Registry
The largest global organisation of tennis teachers and coaches.
United States Professional Tennis Association
USPTA is the world's oldest and largest association of tennis-teaching professionals.
Wilson Liverpool and District Group
Liverpool and District Group of the Lancashire Lawn Tennis Association
Women's Professional Tennis
Tennis Related Tennis Tips
Advantage Tennis
Purchase Photos of Tennis Players on the ATP and WTA Tours.
A Geometry of the Game
Oh no! - It's a mathematics lesson
Tennis club and tennis court directory
Agassi Backhand Video (Slow Motion)
Watch Agassi hit a backhand in slow motion
Federer Backhand Video (Slow Motion)
Watch Federer hit a backhand in slow motion
Federer Forehand Video (Slow Motion)
Watch Federer hit a forehand in slow motion
Federer Serve Analysis
Video Analysis of the Federer Serve
Federer Serve Video (Slow Motion)
Watch Federer serve in slow motion
Federer Volley Video (Slow Motion)
Tennis Lessons via high-definition video
How to Grip a Racket
All of the main Tennis Grips explained
Nadal Backhand Video (Slow Motion)
Watch Nadal hit a left-handed backhand in slow motion
Nadal Forehand Video (Slow Motion)
Watch Nadal hit a left-handed forehand in slow motion
Percentage Tennis
We hear it a lot, but what does it actually mean ?
Simple Strategies That Win
Simple but important advice
The Ten Commandments Of Doubles
Good advice for all doubles players
Turbo Tennis
A whole bunch of tennis tips from Ron Waite (USPTR)
Why Canít I Volley?!
If only we had a penny everytime we hear an amateur say this...
Tennis Tournaments
Ladies Tournament Schedule
WTA Tournament Schedule for the current year
Liverpool International Tennis Tournament
An Annual Tournament growing in stature year on year, held at Calderstones Park in Liverpool
Mens Tournament Schedule
ATP Tournament Schedule for the current year

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<a href="" title="East Wavertree Lawn Tennis Club, Liverpool" target="_blank">East Wavertree Lawn Tennis Club, Liverpool</a><br /><br /> <strong>East Wavertree Lawn Tennis Club</strong> is a popular Tennis Club located close to the fiveways roundabout in Liverpool, we cater for players of all ages and abilities





East Wavertree Lawn Tennis Club, Liverpool

East Wavertree Lawn Tennis Club is a popular Tennis Club located close to the fiveways roundabout in Liverpool, we cater for players of all ages and abilities

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